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Winter's End

Winter's End

Rickards, John

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They have the body of a slaughtered woman. They have a half-naked man standing over her. They have no idea how to make him talk. And so they call in ex-FBI interrogator Alex Rourke to the traumatized Maine town of Winter's End. But as Rourke probes the mind of the enigmatic Nicholas', he is forced to re-examine his own past ...Strange things have been happening in Winter's End. The question is why. And if the man in custody does hold the answers to crimes both present and past, then Alex will have to get to them and quickly. Because it soon becomes clear that what Nicholas has been waiting for from the beginning is Alex Rourke.

Additional Information

Author:   Rickards, John

ISBN:   0141011270

ISBN 13:   9780141011271

Publisher:   Penguin

About the Author

About the author

Author:  Rickards, John

Author Description:  This is John Rickards first novel. His second novel, The Touch of Ghosts, which also features Alex Rourke, will be published in August 2004.