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Trainees & Employment

Bookdonors Employment Profile

A great many of our staff have been recruited after undertaking a training scheme, but nearly all share the common bond of having been unemployed at the time of first contact with Bookdonors. By also employing and supporting others who either have some form of disability or special needs, we think we have built a team with a very strong spirit and sense of purpose. We believe in giving people a chance and take great pride in their ongoing development and personal growth.

Employment Opportunities

Providing a range of employment opportunities is at the heart of what Bookdonors is about. In particular we try to give young people their first start into the world of employment, with the support of various training and placement schemes. This in itself opens up wider opportunities for them in the future. We are proud of the fact that over 50% of our full time permanent staff followed this particular journey.

Equally we recognise that later in life it becomes more difficult to get back into employment and try to offer that fresh start.

Bookdonors Employment History