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Stockwell, Tony

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Even as a child, Tony Stockwell knew that he was different and that he had been born to do something special with his life. His first out-of-body experience was when he was a baby and he met his first spirit person when he was seven. He has been working as a medium for 18 years and, in his hugely successful TV series Street Psychic, he used his astonishing gift to deliver accurate, deeply personal messages from loved ones in the world of spirit to randomly picked passers-by. Tony's autobiography answers ageless questions like:'What happens to us after we die?', 'What happens to animals and pets?', 'Are there such things as evil spirits?', 'How can we overcome our fear of death?' and 'Can we all communicate with our loved ones in the life hereafter?' With this fascinating insight into life here and beyond, Tony Stockwell shows us all that there truly is more in heaven and earth...

Additional Information

Author:   Stockwell, Tony

ISBN:   0340833548

ISBN 13:   9780340833544

Publisher:   Hodder Paperbacks

About the Author

About the author

Author:  Stockwell, Tony

Author Description:  Tony is one of Britain's best-loved spirit mediums and psychics. He has appeared on Living TV's Psychic School and Psychic Detective, and more recently on the Biography Channel's Psychic Academy. He has given comfort and inspiration to many thousands of people on sell-out tours around Britain and other parts of the English-speaking world.