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Sergei’s Space Adventure: (Meerkat Tales) (Aleksandr the Meerkat)

Sergei’s Space Adventure: (Meerkat Tales) (Aleksandr the Meerkat)

Orlov, Aleksandr

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Here we have true, and very thrillsy, story of Sergeis brushings with space adventure. He was member of original Meer Space probings, and always want to be astronaut, but he was fire for faking a moon landing in his garden shed! But now he is adventurousness

Captain Sergei finds himself at the forefront of the latest meerthrust to the moon. As the meerkat battles with exhaustion and his quest for floating beetle bits, its touch and go whether he will achieve his life-long ambition to play golf on the moon.

Also available: Aleksandr and the Mysterious Knightkat, Maiya in the Beautiful Ballet, Bogdan and the Big Race, Vassily the King of Rock, Yakov Saves Christmas

Additional Information

Author:   Orlov, Aleksandr

ISBN:   0091949998

ISBN 13:   9780091949990

Publisher:   Ebury Press

About the Author

About the author

Author:  Orlov, Aleksandr

Author Description:  Aleksandr Orlov is a businessman, website creator, movie mogul, boss of Sergei and now a successful author. He comes from a long line of courageous meerkats originally from the Kalahari region.