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Killing the Shadows

Killing the Shadows

McDermid, Val

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The Number One bestselling, award-winning Queen of crime fiction Val McDermid delivers a searing psychological suspense thriller. A serial killer is on the loose. His victims? Crime writers...A murderer is at large, hunting with a bloodlust that shatters all the conventional wisdom on how serial killers operate. Professor Fiona Cameron is a psychologist who uses computer technology to track serial offenders. She vowed never to work for the Met again after they went against her advice and screwed up an investigation as a result. But when her lover, thriller writer Kit Martin, tells her a fellow crime novelist has been murdered, Fiona can't help taking an interest. With the killer striking again, Fiona is caught in a race against time, not only to save a life, but to bring herself redemption, both personal and professional.

Additional Information

Author:   McDermid, Val

ISBN:   0007344643

ISBN 13:   9780007344642

Publisher:   HarperCollins

About the Author

About the author

Author:  McDermid, Val

Author Description:  Tartan Noir crime writer, her books include thre emain series of suspense novels featuring the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan (9) and Kate Brannigan (6) and Lindsay Gordon (6). Val McDermid isone of the biggest names in crime writing. Her novels have been translated into 30 languages, sold over 10 million copies worldwide.Val has created many notable characters such as journalist, Lindsay Gordon; the private investigator, Kate Brannigan; and psychologist, Tony Hill.

McDermid, Val

Author Info Link:  More info

Author Nationality:  Scottish

Author Born:  4 Jun 1955

Author Alive:  Yes