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Floyd on France

Floyd on France

Floyd, Keith

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This selection of around 300 recipes cocks a snook at haute cuisine and takes inspiration from the classic dishes of French country cooking to create food that is uniquely Floyd. Whether it is a famous dish like Bouillabaisse or Cassoulet or one of his own, like Chicken Breast with Beetroot Sauce or Monkfish with Spring Vegetable, each recipe is inspired by a passion which defies the vagaries of food fashion. Keith Floyd has also written "Floyd on Fish", "Floyd on France", "Floyd on Britain and Ireland", "Floyd's American Pie", "Floyd on Oz" and "Floyd on Spain".

Additional Information

Author:   Floyd, Keith

ISBN:   0563370017

ISBN 13:   9780563370017

Publisher:   BBC Books

About the Author

About the author

Author:  Floyd, Keith

Author Description:  Devoted to cooking and the good life, Keith Floyd has written 22 bestselling books and has presented 19 highly successful television series with an average audience of 4 million viewers per programme. Having set up and run several renowned restaurants, he is only too familiar with what people really like to eat and the best way to go about cooking it.