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Who else do our booksales help ? (Who we help)

The main groups that benefit are a wide range of national and local charities. We buy all the surplus books from charities across the whole of Scotland and the North of England. We also work with a small number of libraries. Around 10% of our turnover goes back to a range of deserving causes. Yes that’s turnover not profit.


What is a social Enterprise?

Bookdonors is a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee which trades as a Social Enterprise. This means we don’t have any shareholders to take a share of the profits we generate.


What happens to your profits?

We often get asked why we need to make a profit and what happens to it? In a nutshell for a business to be sustainable it needs to generate profits and have reserves to allow it to make investments and deal with any sudden changes in its marketplace. So all our profits are ultimately re-invested for the benefit of the long-term sustainability of our business and staff.