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Environmental Impact

Environmental ProfileWe collect over 2,000 tonnes of books each year, effectively diverting them from landfill. This means that we process over six million books, looking for the ones that are still in very good condition to sell them on-line. These are the only ones we sell directly to the public, as we like our customers to get a copy of a book in nice condition, which basically they’d be happy to receive as a gift.

What we don’t want to sell is a book that looks like it has done the rounds of an entire village three times over and is torn or falling to bits.

The books that don’t match our exacting standards are sold in bulk, for re-use by wholesale customers, some of whom supply to overseas projects and markets.

Overall we successfully re-sell around 90% of what we collect, which puts us right at the top of the re-use tree.

Unfortunately some books are just plain damaged ( gubbed in the Scottish vernacular) or unsalable. Typically that’s around 10% of what we collect, but fear not it all goes for recycling to make new paper based products, for example newsprint (we wrap our fish and chips in newspaper here in Scotland) or toilet rolls … (well …we all need toilet rolls and there’s no point in cutting down virgin trees for that is there? ), all useful stuff!