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Bookdonors Team

We employ 33 members of staff compromising of permanent staff, work placement trainees and volunteers.

We want to offer employment and training to people who are in danger of being excluded from the workplace, due to a lack of opportunity or having special needs that other employers find difficult to adapt to. Around 80% of our staff have come from long term- unemployment and many also have additional barriers to employment.

By placing your custom with Bookdonors, you are supporting a team who in turn will do their very best to meet your expectations and fulfill your order efficiently and with pride.

Employment Policy

We are an equal opportunity employer
We value everyone's contributions and efforts
Wherever possible we will adjust and adapt tasks to match varying abilities
All staff are paid above the minimum wage for their age
All staff (over 25) are paid above the National Minimum Living Wage
None of our staff are required to work more than 40 hours per week and most work 36.5 hours
All staff have a lunch break and two short paid breaks each day


We work closely with the local JobCentrePlus, Borders College and many other employability schemes and organisations.
We try to give young people their first start into the world of employment, with the support of various training and placement schemes. Equally we recognise that later in life it becomes more difficult to get back into employment and so we try to offer that fresh start. We believe in giving people a chance and take great pride in their ongoing development and personal growth.


We currently have no vacancies.


Please contact us in person, by phone or email Mhairi Torrance to discuss your availability and specific needs.