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Bookdonors Story

If Bookdonors (CIC) Community Interest Company Ltd were a book this is what it might say inside the front cover...


About Bookdonors CIC

Founded in 2005, Bookdonors is a not for profit social enterprise based in Tweedbank in the Scottish Borders.

We have found a way to turn a burden- unwanted books- into an asset producing a triple bottom line.

1. People - we provide flexible and adaptable employment, work placement and voluntary opportunities to people, many of whom might otherwise have been excluded from the job market (that's our social bottom line)

 2. Charities - we collect a steady supply of around 600,000 books a month from charities to free up space in their shop and give them additional income to fundraise for their cause (that's our economic one)

3. Environment - we protect our precious environment by diverting over 2,000 tonnes of books from landfill each year (that's our environmental bottom line)


Book Journey

COMING SOON... a short video exploring the journey our books take from donation to new book lover.